Panel Built Helps Facilities Adapt Their Access Control to Social Distancing

Entry Vestibule

As workplaces adapt to social distancing guidelines in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are having to drastically change the way they allow access to their facilities. While some Americans are able to work safely from home, other industries require employees in-house in order to function properly, and these facilities have had to make changes to their physical access control systems in order to keep the same level of security at their facilities. In fact, bolstered access control systems may be required in order to ensure the safety of employees.

For example, as employees come through the facility’s entrance gate, they might typically be greeted by a security officer to check their credentials before granting them access to the facility. However, with social distancing, this interaction should occur with as little face to face and physical item contact as possible. To adapt to this, the facility’s guard shack can be outfitted with an exterior mounted ID scanner so the employee can scan the identification themselves, or the officer can use a handheld scanner to verify the ID through their side window. In both cases, there is a physical barrier between the guard and employee to provide protection for both parties.

After entering the facility gates, there is, of course, another security hurdle that facilities must handle: ensuring COVID positive people do not enter. Many businesses have opted to install screening areas at their entrances in order to take people’s temperatures before entering. However, the employee taking temperatures will also need protection themselves. They can use PPE (along with the employees entering the facility) to protect from virus transmission, but they are still subject to the elements, standing outside the entrance of the building. To provide a comfortable, safe environment to take these temperatures, Panel Built has provided temperature screening booths that can be easily installed at the entrance of the facility.  These are buildings that are semi-permanent and portable, so if they are no longer needed in the future, they can be repurposed around the facility at a later date.

Source: Panel Built